Whether it's an idea in your head...
...a sketch on a napkin,
...or a digital CAD model
We can bring it to REALITY!

Laser Cutting & Engraving

A laser cutter is exactly what it sounds like, it slices through practically anything with lasers! Cutting stuff with pure energy has its perks, there's no cutting blade to contaminate so you can cut food items like pies with no fear, it also creates no shearing force like normal blades, so you can cut through things as thin as a piece of paper or cloth without destroying the material!

Our 100 Watt laser cutter can cut any softer material such as acryllic, ABS plastic, wood, leather, and cloth with sub-millimeter computer controlled precision and engrave and mark harder materials such as metal, glass and marble. The Universal Laser systems X2-660 has a large 18"x32" bed to accomodate large cutting mediums and can reproduce any logo or design on an object from nothing but a jpeg raster image.

This high powered laser cutter will fly through any material you put under it, cutting a full 18"x32" sheet in 20-60 minutes depending on detail level.

lasercut jar lasercut marked flask lasercut pie lasercut tokens wooden photo
Hourly Rates:

Use It Yourself (Training Course Reqd.) - $25/hour

We Cut It For You - $50/hour

[Materials to be cut not included]

3D Printing

3d printing is an amazing new process that will take any digital 3D file and create a real-world version of it, just like a replicator. Coupled with a 3D scanner like the Makerbot Cyclops we have in the shop you can even recreate real objects simply by scanning them in, then 3D printing them. You can even teleport a real world object by 3D scanning it in at your local hackerspace, e-mailing it across the country to your friend then having them 3D print it at their local hackerspace!

Our ZCorp ZPrinter 310 prints in a bonded gypsum powder creating a beautiful alabaster finish at a resolution of 300 x 300 x 450 dots per inch (really smooth finish). Since it prints with a gypsum powder support material it can print some really amazing things: objects nested inside objects, working hinges, beautiful mathematical sculptures, even full working tools right out of the printer.

Our MakerBot Cupcake is a plastic homebrew 3D printer. Many people across the country are purchasing the makerbot to do their own 3D printing from home! While it does not print as fine detail as the ZPrinter it does print in durable ABS Plastic and Biodegradeable PLA plastic. For any rugged applications or engineering prototypes this plastic printer is the way to go.

mathematical sculpture mathematical sculpture mathematical sculpture mathematical sculpture mathematical sculpture
Hourly Rates:

[ZCorp] - Gypsum

Use It Yourself (Training Course Reqd.) - $20/hour + $2.50/cu in

We Print It For You - $50/hour + $2.50/cu in

[MakerBot] - ABS/PLA Plastic

We Print It For You - $50/hour + $0.10/cu in