3D Printing


White Sandstone



Plastic Extrusion

* Bukobot

-or- Makerbot *


High-Detail Plastic

* FORM 1 *


Metal Post-Processing

US $15/hr + $0.12/cc

US $10/hr


US $15/hr


[Call or E-mail for Pricing Inquiry]

  • Beautiful stone finish!
  • Great for showpieces and display models.
  • Plastic printing in ABS, PLA, Nylon, Polycarbonate, Carbon Fiber, Fake Wood, Fake Stone, Rubber, Glow-In-The-Dark, Thermochromic, or Conductive Filament
  • Printing of up to 25 micron surface detail!
  • An extremely smooth surface, 4x more precise than standard FDM printing.
  • Get your 3D print in chrome, gold, silver, bronze, nickel or steel!

Bed Size:  8"x8"x10"

Minimum Wall Thickness: 1/8"

Layer Height: 80 µm

Bed Size:  8"x8"x8"

Minimum Wall Thickness: 1/16"

Layer Height: 250 µm

Bed Size:  5"x5"x6"

Minimum Wall Thickness: 1/32"

Layer Height: 25 µm

File Formatting:

  • Files should be exported as "stl"'s sized for their respective print bed
  • Surfaces must be watertight, manifold geometry with minimum wall thicknesses no less than the tolerance of the machine
  • To test/repair parts before submission use: https://cloud.netfabb.com/


  • Please call for any additional materials or file setup concerns.


3D Scanning & Printer Repair

3D Scanning

US $50/hr


Have an object that you want to make digital?

We have 4 different solutions to turn those atoms into pixels!

3D Printer Repair

US $50/hr


Got a printer of your own that's broken down?

Bring it in, we'll get it back up and running!