Laser Cutting - DIY & Pro Fab

DIY Laser Cutting

[Hourly Use]
[certification needed]

US $20/hr


Pro Fab Laser Cutting

[Hourly Billing]

US $50/hr


  • No setup fees.  The cheapest prices in town, period.

  • private Training sessions offered on request, or monthly group classes to get certified for diy.

  • Assisted rates available at $30/hr for help from our on-site staff while training for DIY.

  • Your job, professionally handled by our shop staff.


  • Can be run overnight for pickup 10:00a the next morning.

File Formatting:

  • Files should be exported as vector "pdf"'s sized for an 18"x32" bed size

  • Materials should be cut to size for 18"x32" bed, with a maximum thickness of 1/4".

  • Cut lines are marked as pure red (r:255, g:0, b:0), and Etch/Score lines should be marked as pure black (r:0, g:0, b:0).


  • Please call for any additional materials or file setup concerns.