Whether it's an idea in your head...
...a sketch on a napkin,
...or a digital CAD model
We can bring it to REALITY!


Prototyping & Electronics Fabrication

Do you have the next big idea,
but just don't know how
to make it a reality?

Our staff here at the shop can help you design, engineer and prototype your invention from start to finish.  Whether its an acrylic case or a piece of wearable technology we can help you build it.  We have specialists in machining, design, engineering, electronics, microcontroller programming, and robotics ready to help.

Interactive Experience DEsign

Want to blow away your competition and wow visitors with an interactive experience for your next big event?

Specialists from the film and video game industry can bring your event or digital experience to life.  We can develop and provide a range of digital production and event services including:
video production, video game design,
virtual reality experiences, mobile apps,
projection mapping, augmented reality,
VJ'ing, installation art & 3d portraiture. 

Branding, Marketing & Business

Ready to make that next push to turn your prototype into your business?

We can guide you step by step to help you create a successful business.  We have experts in business, marketing, sales, branding, and social media ready to help you out from day one creating your brand image, getting your website off the ground, solving your production pipeline, and getting your final product in the hands of consumers.  From getting that initial kickstarter off the ground to filing your business license and managing your day to day production needs we can help you make it happen!