3D Printing Quotes & Job Requests

For a 3D printing quote e-mail your files to: contact@thebuildshop.org

  • Files should be exported as an "stl" file.
  • Files should be checked for non-manifold geometry and holes using software such as the netfabb cloud service: http://cloud.netfabb.com

  • ZPrinter Bed Size: 8"x10"x8" (Gypsum Sandstone)
  • Replicator 2X Bed Size: 9.8"x6.3"x5.9" (Extruded Plastic - ABS)
  • Bukobot Bed Size: 8"x8"x8" (Extruded Plastic - PLA & Others)
  • FORM 1 Bed Size: 4.9"x4.9"x6.5"  (High-Detail Plastic)

Pro-Fab Laser Cutting Quotes

For a laser cutting quote e-mail your files to: contact@thebuildshop.org

  • Files should be exported as vector "pdf"'s sized for an 18"x32" bed size.
  • Materials should be cut to size for 18"x32" bed, with a maximum thickness of 1/4".
  • Cut lines are marked as pure red (r:255, g:0, b:0),
    and etch/score lines should be marked as pure black (r:0, g:0, b:0)
  • Line styles are interpreted by the laser cutter as solid lines.
  • Please call for any additional materials or file setup concerns.