Since 2011, The Build Shop has been the leader for Do-It-Yourself 3D printing and laser cutting in Los Angeles. Following in the footsteps of the maker movement of San Francisco, The Build Shop was one of the original pioneers of the 3D Printing maker movement in Los Angeles, and the first shop of its kind in the area.

Founded by Bryan and Maya Jaycox, The Build Shop began as a dream project for Bryan to create access to the high tech tools that were available to him in his graduate studies at USC.  Passionate about the wearable technology, art, virtual reality projects, and gadgets which he had designed in the past he wanted a place to work comparable to the labs he had access to in the later days of his college career.  Not just access to any 3D printer or a laser cutter but access to the best high-end tools used by design professionals, not just a place to tinker and learn but a place to grow and foster your dreams and inventions into a lifestyle.

The Build Shop is a place where creatives can meet, where dreams and innovation are not tethered to the amount of capital you can spend, and a place where you can build practically anything you can imagine.  We are your friendly neighborhood hackerspace, the fab lab around the corner, your local 3D print shop and tech hub, your private design firm, your personal factory, and your friends in the next tech revolution.

Come join the Build Shop family as we grow innovation in Los Angeles and a sustainable, independent design lifestyle.  Come make with us!



We offer a wide range of technologies to get you up and running with your latest project: 3d printers, a 100 Watt industrial laser cutter, desktop CNC mill, industrial sewing machine, welding equipment, and design expertise spanning the past 15 years in fabrication, engineering, electronics, web design, graphic design, virtual reality and the video games industry.


With over five distinct brands of 3D printers using Fused Filament Fabrication, Stereolithography, and Granular Materials Binding Technologies we have the capabilities to 3D print nearly any project you want to build. If you want to do it yourself we also have a host of classes to get you up to speed to run the machines yourself!


Whether you’re a small business owner looking to build a part, an artist creating their next masterpiece, student learning the cutting edge of personal prototyping, or maker looking to create their next cool gadget, if you can dream it up we can help you build it!